Bhutan. My most memorable holiday of 2017, best decision ever taken on how I wanted to spend my birthday. The first ever international trip, icing on the cake being the crazy gang of friends and the tales. Brilliantly penned down by a friend.
Do give it a read.

Road to Nowhere

The Plan

When I got the call that the plan was to go to Bhutan in June, I laughed. It was mid march and I was at a relative’s place in Mangalore. The idea of my old college group going to Bhutan was hilarious. As with most groups, coordinating and going anywhere isn’t easy, going to Bhutan sounded downright impossible. So when I was asked if June 10th was fine I continued to laugh. A 10 day trip? Absolutely, it’s not like it’ll ever happen. It was even the first ever trip with friends for one of the girls in the group, because who starts their travels on a normal drive or weekend getaway when you can directly go abroad, sounds realistic, especially for someone who isn’t allowed for a weekend away from home. It was only when the flight tickets landed in my inbox after hectic negotiations in April…

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